German Connector Forging

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Aluminum German fire interface
[Standard] German standard
【Manufacturing】 aluminum alloy forging
【Material】 aluminum alloy
[Features] Unified jaw ports, quick-connect at the same size;
Usage The scope and Storz fire and fire hose fittings for hose, fire, fire hydrant, fast connection between the gun, the teeth models are mainly fire, the outer teeth, and a tail pipe fire cap. Storz joint with the specifications of the fire with the same connection ports, thereby enabling a quick connection between the respective models. With good sealing, is connected fast and effort, and so easy to fall off. (This series aluminum alloy forging process are rigorously T6 treatment, than other casting process, having to fight against strong mechanical properties and the falling height) is widely used in fire fighting, irrigation, oil, chemicals or water transport in various fields Foam mixture and so on.