Flange Connector Forging

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High - quality forging aluminum forging parts hot forging processing direct
Flange material categoryaluminum
Perform the standard rangeNational standard(GB), American Standard(AISI/JIS), Japanese standard(SUS), British standard(UNS), French standard(DIN 17440 17220), German standard(BS970 Part4).
Product status classificationDepending on the connection method and the welding method can be classified as: Plate flat welding flange, with neck flat welding flange, with neck welded flange, socket welding flange, threaded flange, flange cover, with neck welding ring loose flange, flat welding ring loose sets of law Blue, ring groove flange and flange cover, large diameter flat flange, large diameter high neck flange, character blind plate, plate flat welding flange, neck flat welding flange, with neck welding flange, thread Flange, socket welding flange, flange cover, butt welding ring loose flange, flat welding ring loose flange, character blind plate
1.Technology: factory flange forging process, CNC fine car, CNC drilling, a professional testing equipment, materials testing equipment.
2.Type: factory specializing in the production of flat-plate welded flange, neck-neck welded flange, with neck welded flange, blind flange, socket welding flange, thread flange, disc valve / jacket flange, Loose sets / sets of flanges and other non-standard to do.
3.Standard: GB, American Standard, British standard, Japanese standard / Korean standard, Italian standard, German standard, European standard, Russian standard.
4.Application: Flame for pipe connection, food hygiene, chemical, oil, electricity, steam, gas pipeline, water treatment equipment, construction industry, shipbuilding industry, industry, smelting, military industry, aerospace industry, paper industry.
The company has a professional aluminum alloy hot forging 300, 400, 600 tons forging machine, CNC precision metal parts custom, CNC CNC machining centers, metal products, milling, car, grinding a one-stop service, to undertake bulk and small quantities of various types of hardware Products to sample plans and OEM processing and customization services! The The


Non-standard parts & standard parts

The scope of application:

Machinery, equipment and so on

Processing basis:

Designed and processed with drawings, samples or functional requirements provided by the customer.

Processing Equipment:

Forging machine

Processing nature:

Hot forging

Hot forging purpose:

(1)Reduce the deformation resistance of the metal, thus reducing the need for deformation of the material forging pressure, so that the tonnage of forging equipment greatly reduced;

(2)Change the material structure, in the process of hot forging through the recrystallization, coarse material into small particles of new organization, and reduce the defects of the material structure to improve the mechanical properties of materials;

(3)To enhance the plasticity of the material, which is particularly important for some of the higher parts.

Processing materials:

Often produced: aluminum (6082, 6061, etc.)

Examples of processed products: