Forging Wrenches

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Forging wrenches
The wrench is a commonly used installation and removal tool. Use the principle of lever screw, screw,
Nuts and other threads that hold the bolt or nut of the opening or the hole of the hand tool. The wrench is usually fitted with an opening or sleeve of clamping bolts or nuts at one or both ends of the shank. When used, apply an external force to the shank in the direction of rotation of the thread to twist the bolt or nut.
Wrenches are usually made of carbon structural steel or alloy structural steel.



● Product Features:
• 360°plug-in, can be a number of positions to support the reaction arm
• Single operation nut angle, 35°corner cylinder quick return, high efficiency
• Maintenance is simple, convenient, no special tools
• The constant torque output provides high accuracy for the entire torsion process of the wrench

● Uses:
Widely used in bolts, nuts installed to ensure that the installation of more accurate, safe and efficient

● Note:
Select the correct torque: Before selecting the wrench, make sure that the torque at the time of removing the bolt should be at least 150% of the tightening bolt torque