Electric Parts Forging

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Equipment and Capabilities
Our forge department is equipped with a full complement of 800 to 3500 pound drop hammers. Special presses are also available for close tolerance work, enhancing surface finish, flatness and mechanical properties. Forging, trimming and coining dies are produced in-house by our experienced toolmakers up to a maximum die block size of 24” x 24”. Our engineers will design the tooling best suited to your product and our in-house tooling production equipment will fabricate the forge dies. Whether your requirements call for 1 piece or several thousand pieces, our forge can process your order quickly and efficiently. Parts weighing as little as a few ounces or up to 100 pounds can be easily accommodated.


Quality Systems and Compliance
Quality and dependable service are our primary concerns and all forgings are designed, engineered, manufactured and tested to the highest standards. All forgings are inspected regularly throughout the manufacturing process. A quality finished product begins with quality raw materials and at TEMCO this process begins with pre-pour chemistries since we produce our own billets and castings. Chemistries are evaluated to ensure proper alloy composition and compliance with customer specifications.


Processing the material
Often several operations or processes must be done to achieve desired material properties. All processes can be done in-house shortening your lead-time and delivering a completely finished product to you. We are your single source for quality forgings, complete metallurgical lab testing and certifications.


TEMCO is compliant with the following quality regulations and standards:
ISO 9001:2008
MIL I 45208
U.S. NRC 10 CFR 21 and 10 CFR 50,B


Advantages of Non-Ferrous Forgings
Increased mechanical strength
Used for increased stress applications
Voids or gas pockets are eliminated
Consistent material properties
Near net shape(s) eliminate expensive machining operations
Near net shape(s) eliminate expensive fabrications

In-House resources that support our forge and inspection operations
Fully equipped lab for chemical and mechanical analysis
Certified raw materials
Staff Metallurgist
Heat treat facilities
Fully equipped machine shop
Optical Emission Spectrometer
Pressure Testing
Liquid Penetrant Testing
Mechanical Fracture Testing
Silver & Tin Electroplating
Green sand foundry