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The Market Demand Of Aluminum Forgings Is Getting Bigger

With China's transportation industry to modernization, high-speed direction development, traffic and transportation tools lightweight requirements are increasingly strong, the aluminum generation of steel calls for more and more, especially the lightweight degree requirements of aircraft, spacecraft, railway vehicles, underground railways, high-speed trains, freight cars, automobiles, ships, ships, artillery, Tanks and mechanical equipment and other important components and structural parts, in recent years, a large number of aluminum and aluminum alloy forgings and die forgings to replace the original steel structure, such as aircraft structure of almost all the use of aluminum alloy die forgings; Automobile (especially heavy truck and medium and large bus) hub, bumper, base girder; Battery rack; The dynamic ring and the fixed ring of the helicopter; The train's cylinder and piston skirt; woodworking machinery body; The base, track and stranding plate of the textile machinery have been manufactured with aluminum alloy forgings, and these trends are increasing substantially, and even some aluminum alloy castings are starting to be replaced with aluminum alloy die forgings.