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Flange Joint Seal

Long-term work at high temperature bolts flange joints, because of the sealing gasket and bolts creep relaxation, so that the residual stress on the gasket gradually reduced, flange joint sealing reliability gradually reduced, and eventually lead to leakage failure.

To solve the problem of flange joint sealing, high-temperature sealant can be used for sealing, it is applicable to the smooth, flat sealing surface (butt joints) of the temperature and pressure conditions require high working conditions, especially for sealing metal joints: steam turbines and gas turbines, compressors, pumps, housings, flange joints.

Heat vapor and gas with up to 900 ℃ hot, cold water, light fuel, lubricants, crude oil and natural gas, sealing surface and joint excellent adhesion to ensure that pressure up to 250 bar (255kg/cm2) pressure, applicable to: equipment and pressure vessel flange, bearing seat ring, bolt flange, bearing ring, looper flange, Support washers, sealing washers, human flange, flat flanges, Butt welding flanges.