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Clamp Joint Features

1. Fast, do not need to weld and galvanization, installation speed than the flange connection pipe faster than 3 times times.

2. Simple, it is lighter than the flange, the lock mechanical design ingenious, the bolt quantity is few, does not need to the hole to the lock.

3. Reliable.

4. Vibration isolation.

5. Economic security is convenient for the project budget, compared to the flange-type connection to save 20% of the total project costs, construction without the power supply, oxygen, open flames.

6.0 pollution, because the original installation does not exist welding slag and damage galvanized layer and coating the problem, it can ensure that the pipeline unblocked.

7. Occupy Less space.

8. The maintenance is convenient, the removal and the replacement only needs to remove two clamps, 4 bolts can, facilitates the pipeline extension, the replacement, the rotation direction, evenly wears.

9. Complete piping.