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What are the forging methods?

Common forging methods include forging, forging and prom.

1. Forging. Forging is the use of impact or pressure to make metal in the upper and lower two of the iron between the deformation, so as to obtain the required shape and size of the forging, in heavy machinery, forging is the production of large forgings and special large-scale forging method.

2. Die forging. Under the action of pressure or impact, the metal billet is deformed in the forging die mold, thus obtaining the forging process, the forging is of precise size, small processing allowance, and the structure can be more complex and high productivity.

3. Tyre die forging. Tyre die forging is the process method of using die forgings on the forging die to produce the mould forging, which is usually made of the forging method and then formed in the tire die.