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Problems in the processing of aluminum forgings

Jan 31, 2019

Aluminum forgings are objects in which the metal is subjected to pressure, plastic deformation to shape the requested shape or suitable contraction force. This type of pneumatic model is achieved by using a hammer or pressure. The casting process builds a sophisticated particle structure and improves the physical properties of the metal. In the fantasy use of parts, a correct imagination enables the particles to flow at the target of the main pressure.

Aluminum forgings require that each piece be divergent without any porosity, excess space, inclusions or other defects. The components consumed by this type of method have a high ratio of strength to weight. These components are commonly used in aircraft structures.

The aluminum forgings factory reminds us that due to the extendable length of the aluminum forgings, the shrinkable cross section; the retractable length, the stretchable cross section; the variable length, the changeable cross section. Therefore, it is widely influenced in various industries and is suitable for machinery, metallurgy, engineering and other fields.