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Characteristics of hot forging press on the selection of die forging equipment

In today's modern industrial production process, the three main equipments of die forging equipment can be said to be die forging hammer, screw press, hot die forging press as the main body forging equipment is the most popular type of forging Equipment, along with the continuous development of domestic technology level, has its own development in design technology, but these kinds of equipment have very good development in different fields.

The hot forging press is a kind of stroke in the forging process, the stroke of the slider will not change, and the forging process of the product will be deformed along with the movement of the slider, so that the automation of the device can be well realized. Mechanized production enables efficient production of products.

At the same time, the movement precision of the slider in this equipment is very high. The forging design has a special forging out design, which realizes the guarantee of the die forging angle, the production margin and the forging error. High quality production of die forging equipment.