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How to reduce the loss of performance during the use of forging equipment?

The electric screw press can play a very important role in the current stage of use. This kind of equipment can effectively convert the mechanical energy generated by the equipment into the pressure energy required for production, but rely on the conversion of this mechanical energy. It brings about a serious loss of pressure energy.

We have proposed an effective method for reducing the loss of pressure energy in the conversion of mechanical energy into pressure energy during the production operation of the electric screw press.

The specific approach is divided into the following methods:

1. Eliminate the internal pressure loss of the components and systems of the hydraulic baler to eliminate power loss. The important watch now improves the pressure loss in the internal flow path of the component, accepting the integrated circuit and the casting runner, eliminating the loss of the pipe and eliminating oil loss.

2. Eliminate or eliminate the loss of the hydraulic baler system, even if it eliminates the necessary overflow of non-quietness, stop the acceptance of the savings system to adjust the economy and pressure.

3, accept static pressure skills, new sealing materials, eliminate friction loss.

4, growth miniaturization, lightweight, composite, throughout the growth path, 4-way solenoid valve and low-power solenoid valve.

5. Improve the hydraulic system performance of the hydraulic baler, accept the load sensing system, rectify the system and accept the accumulator circuit.