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Do you know the specific content of the standardization of mechanical part design?


Standardization refers to the development of various standards for the dimensions, structural elements, material properties, inspection methods, design methods, and drafting requirements of parts for everyone to observe. Closely related to standardization is the generalization of parts and serialization of products.

Generalization refers to minimizing and merging the types, sizes, and materials of products, making parts and components as common as possible in similar products of different specifications or even different types of products, so as to reduce the number of parts and components within the company and simplify production. Management, and get higher economic benefits.

Serialization refers to the sizing and structure of a certain number of original models, and then according to the demand, according to a certain rule to optimize the combination of product lines.

Standardization, generalization, and serialization are collectively referred to as "threeizations." The superiority of "Sanhua" is manifested in:

1. The use of standard structures and components can simplify design work, shorten design cycles and improve design quality.

2. It is easy to arrange specialized factories to use advanced technology to conduct specialized large-scale production, ensure product quality, and significantly reduce labor, material consumption and manufacturing costs.

3. The technical conditions and the standardization of inspection and test methods can improve and improve the quality of parts and components.

4, enhanced interchangeability, ease of maintenance.

The standards related to mechanical design that have been promulgated in China can be divided into national standards (GB, GB/T), ministerial standards (such as JB, YB, etc.), professional standards, and enterprise standards. China has joined the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and many new national standards have adopted corresponding international standards. When designing, the standards should be implemented and adopted.


Mechanical parts design

The product design process is the process of intellectual activity. It embodies the creative thinking activities of the designers. The design process is a process that gradually approaches the solution and gradually improves. The following points should also be noted during the design process.

1, the design process must have a global perspective, can not only consider the design of the object itself, but the design of the object as a system to deal with the "man-machine-environment" relationship.

2, good at using creative thinking and methods, pay attention to consider a variety of solutions, to avoid the limitations of the problem.

3. Each stage of the design should have clear objectives, pay attention to the evaluation and optimization of each stage, and find solutions that satisfy both functional requirements and maximum possible implementation.

4, pay attention to feedback and the necessary work cycle. Solving problems must be from abstract to concrete, from partial to comprehensive, from uncertainty to certainty.