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Basic principles and requirements for the environment of the forging workshop

Jul 19, 2018

1. Protect the environment outside the workshop for the purpose of protecting the environment inside and outside the forging workshop to prevent and minimize the pollution and damage of the surrounding environment. Protect and improve the environment in the workshop, create a safe and suitable working place for workers as much as possible, and protect the physical and mental health of workers.

2. Actively adopt effective new technologies, new equipment, new materials and new technologies that are free from pollution or low pollution, eliminate pollution in production or limit pollution values to the minimum and minimum. When the pollution value does not meet the requirements, appropriate treatment measures should be taken to achieve compliance.

The pollution prevention facilities must be designed, constructed and put into operation at the same time as the main project.

3. The forging workshop for new construction, reconstruction, expansion and technical transformation projects must prepare a review environmental impact report (table). The content, depth, format, and requirements of the environmental impact report (table) shall comply with the relevant provisions of the environmental protection department.

4. For forging workshops with large pollution sources, they should be set in industrial concentration areas or away from crowds and important facilities according to the principle of specialized production.

5. The workshop pollution treatment device and protective facilities should be complete, with excellent performance, remarkable effect, safe and reliable, easy to construct, economical and reasonable, and easy to maintain.

6. While taking comprehensive measures to prevent and control pollution, on-site operators should take personal protective measures in accordance with the relevant labor protection regulations of the state and industry.

7. Plant trees in suitable areas of the workshop or factory area, without lawns, expand the green area as much as possible, purify and beautify the environment.