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Advantages and disadvantages of cold forging


(1) The forging material is not easy to produce scale, and the surface finish is good.

(2) The precision of forgings is good.

(3) Work hardening (strain hardening) occurs during processing, which increases strength and hardness.

(4) The metal fiber of the forging can be flowed to obtain a specific directivity.

(5) No heat treatment is required to minimize the pollution problem.

(6) No heating costs are required, and production costs are reduced.


(1) The plasticity of the forging material and the toughness are lowered, which is unfavorable for subsequent processing.

(2) The required deformation force is larger than hot forging.

(3) Residual stress will be generated inside the material.

(4) Metal grains may be deformed or broken.

(5) The directionality during processing may be detrimental to future product use.