Press Forging

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Press forging
Press forging is one of the two major components of forging (forging and stamping) that utilizes a forging machine to apply pressure to a metal blank to cause it to plastically deform to achieve mechanical properties, processing methods of a given shape and size. By forging can eliminate the metal in the smelting process resulting loose castings and other defects, optimize the microstructure, at the same time due to save the integrity of the metal streamline, the mechanical properties of forgings generally better than the same material castings. Related machinery, high load, the working conditions of critical parts, in addition to the shape of the more available rolled sheet, profile or welded parts, the use of more forgings.

The general sequence is as follows: forging blanks blanking; forging blanks heating; forging blanks for billet; forging forming; trimming; punching; rectifying; intermediate test for checking the size and surface defects of forgings; forging heat treatment for eliminating forging stress, Improve metal cutting performance.