Precision Forgings

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Precision forgings
HengCheng metal is a professional precision forging company, has a very professional precision forging technicians forging, first-class precision forging technology, technology stress. More than 10 years, the company is committed to exploration and progress in the field of swaging, continuous innovation. From ordinary rough (rough) swaging machine to a variety of precision swaging machines, and then to CNC automatic swaging machine (without changing the mold, once processed in the material of a variety of diameters and tapers), until the representative of the international advanced Horizontal for the processing of automotive parts tube large multi-functional precision swaging machine (which can be formed inside and outside, forming non-rotating body). At present, we have developed into a professional manufacturer in the field of swivel forging technology and complete product range in China, with a number of patents.

Forged or precision die forged means that the forged product produced will allow parts of it to be machined without machining because the dimensional tolerances and surface roughness of these parts have been compared to the general rough machining conditions Same, similar, similar.