Hot Forging

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Hot forging
Hot forging is the workpiece after heating to a certain temperature, heating temperature according to different materials are also different, through the punch, forging bed or other forms of forging the workpiece into other shapes.



1) to reduce the deformation resistance of the metal, thereby reducing the forging deformation of bad materials required for deformation, so forging equipment greatly reduced tonnage;
2) changing the as-cast structure of the steel ingot, recrystallizing during the hot forging process, transforming the coarse as-cast structure into a new structure of fine grains, reducing the defects of the as-cast structure and improving the mechanical properties of the steel;
3) to improve the plasticity of steel, which is more important for some high-alloy steels which are difficult to forge at low temperature. Suitable for deformation resistance at room temperature, poor plasticity of a class of metal materials.