Hot Forging Brass

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Hot forging brass
The temperature range between the hot forging start forging temperature and the final forging temperature should be as large as possible. But forging temperature is too high will cause excessive growth of metal grains and the formation of overheating, will reduce the quality of forging. When the temperature is close to the melting point of metal, intergranular low melting point material melting and intergranular oxidation will occur, resulting in over burning. Overburden blanks tend to crack during forging. The general temperature of brass hot forging 700 ~ 900 ℃.


The use of ordinary hot-forged brass is extremely versatile, such as tank straps, plumbing, medals, bellows, serpentine tubes, condenser tubes, cartridge casings and a variety of complex shapes of punches, hardware, and the like. With the increase of zinc content from H63 to H59, they are well able to withstand hot processing, and are used in various parts of machinery and appliances, stamping parts and musical instruments.