Aluminum Forging

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Aluminum forging
Aluminum forging is a process belongs to forging, the corresponding casting casting injection molding process, which is hot forging, aluminum is heated to a certain temperature by high frequency, in the press or friction press to install a dedicated mold, the product goes out The main purpose is to improve the product's compactness.

Aluminum and aluminum alloys have been widely used in machinery, aviation, automobiles, railway vehicles, ships and ships, construction, bridges, chemicals, electric power, electronics, instruments, hardware and household products, due to their excellent properties. field.

Effect of processing conditions on the ductility of aluminum:
(1) billet deformation temperature
(2) billet deformation speed.
(3) mold preheating.
(4) mold lubrication.
(5) mold roughness.
(6) Deformation stress state.